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Here at Level Edge Construction LLC, our experts provide high-quality residential and commercial remodeling services in Harrisburg. We have earned our reputation as industry leaders by bringing flawless solutions to challenging remodeling projects. Our team of specialists is Read More..

Standing Seam Roofing

Standing seam roofing is one of the best choices if you are in the market for metal roofing, and if you’re looking for standing seam roofing in Lancaster or the surrounding area, you can count on Level Edge Construction to provide the best standing seam roofing installation service in the area. Read More..

Horse Barns

If you own or keep horses, you know the importance of a safe and well-equipped facility. Here at Level Edge Construction, our Amish background has taught us the same thing. Drawing on a long tradition of barn construction expertise Read More..

Commercial Construction

Level Edge Construction LLC specializes in residential and commercial construction in Lancaster. Our years of industry experience and specialized products enable us to provide our customers with a quality product, within budget and on time. We work with our customers from the project’s conception all the way through to completion. Read More..

AG Construction

Level Edge Construction is a local Philadelphia construction company specializing in all facets of agricultural construction. We offer full design/build and construction of agricultural buildings to farmers throughout the Philadelphia area. Read More..


Investing in building a new garage for a property is really a win-win for homeowners. Garages are the single best way to extend the life of your vehicle – parking your car in a garage protects it from the elements and helps it last longer without repairs Read More..

Timber Framing

Timber framing is a traditional method of building construction that involves joining heavy timbers using mortise and tenon joints rather than metal nails. This construction method was used for centuries before mass production of nails and lumber products made the speedy construction of flimsier “stick frame” homes a possibility. Read More..